Girish who did his schooling from B K Model School (Belgaum) later pursued his PUC at Phoenix college (Belgaum) and then his Diploma & Degree in pharmacy (Bangalore).In college he participated in dance events for college and he realized that dance is something that makes me happy.. In 2004 after taking part in many events for the college he finally decided that Dance was where his life will take him. He met Roger his first guru and inspiration who was a Hip hop and B-boying trainer in Bangalore. Girish recently (2011) decided to come back to his home land (Belgaum) and take further his career in dancing with his company Zero G centre for performing arts. Girish has done numerous productions, workshops, courses on contemporary dance country wide and trained many in this dance form. Girish has performed all over the country and specifically remembers his performance under the All India Contemporary Dance tour with major 22 cities. In 2011 after the establishment of zero G centre for performing arts, Girish then decided to move further towards Dance as Medicine, Brain Development and its functions. In 2015 made journey with 8,000 students in Belagavi and 13,000 students across the nation towards Dance therapy, choreography, productions and Research.
In 2017 Girish completed his Research towards Dance as Medicine. He further moving to create India’s and world’s first ever Dance University in which dance will be practiced as Major Science and a Free Medicine.
In 2017 Girish further decided to move on with a Research on brain development through movements or dance, Through which reaching Brain’s Maximum capacity to READ – Universe and its Possibilities.

Welcome to the world of Medicine Through Dance 

Professional dancers display choreographed body movements and might appear in theater productions, TV shows, movies, and dance recitals. Dancers tell stories and display emotions with their bodies through various styles like contemporary, bharatnatyam, kathak, hip-hop, and modern dance. They are likely to pursue other dance-related professions after they can no longer perform professionally.

Every student will go through each dance form as mentioned through which an ARTIST will be developed in an INTEGRAL manner . For every dancers it is indeed required to learn every aspect of most combinational dance forms . By learning the the combinations of dance forms will bring the student to an up marking position to understand every emotion of HUMAN BEING.

Dance professionally through the perfect teacher also gives the student an immense capacity to understand different emotions. Every dance style in the world has a different way of explanation for their history or forming the history .

Education of dance must be in a creative way to capture the moment of LEARNING or EDUCATING with creative ideas or ideology. Dance documentaries , training, techniques and other modules of dance must be learnt in an accurate way to give the result as teacher or choreographer & director.

Infinite dance university bringing the new way to reach the WORLD OF DANCE DREAMS.  dancing at infinite dance university will bring an opportunity for every artist to tell their story in any form of dance or module or posture.

Learning from us will give you an freedom to give the society what it feels like the most when every single human is made to EARN THE MONEY than that of DANCE AS NECESSARY TO  MAKE BOND AND UNDERSTAND EVERY RELATION OR HUMAN BEING.

DANCE will bring an exceptional change in the mindset and its dreams. dance will make an way to increase thinking and relaxing capacity to understand both RISE & FALL.

Education in INFINITE UNIVERSITY will bring change in every student mindset with every aspect or dance modules and their research. Dance with all the objectives which is been introduced by the INFINITE university . explanations , classrooms , research center, making NOTE to the world with which to understand the true living style for every human in the world.

Dance to serve as the medicine for the first time in the world . 

Infinite university has the up most best choreographers from around the world to give knowledge as medicine or dance as medicine. All the teachers and professors towards research will contribute towards building an exceptional UNIVERSITY where dance is given or spread as MEDICINE.